Prolonging the Summer Warmth and Glow

I've kind of taken a step back from powder bronzers and have started to embrace cream bronzers instead. It just looks more natural to me and if I do want to something more, I can always add a powder product on top. I've also gotten kind of lazy with brushes and so I like that I can just use my fingers with these products and everything will still blend out perfectly. 

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Review & Swatches: NARS Cosmetics Glass Tears Eyeshadow Palette

There's a couple of palettes that make me want to drop everything to get and then immediately play with. The recently released NARS Cosmetics x Man Ray Glass Tears Eyeshadow Palette is one of those palettes. There's something about all the jewel toned shadows that really caught my eye and while I initially thought it wouldn't be wearable just by itself, I was was proven wrong with the first eye look! The Glass Tears Eyeshadow Palette contains 6 eyeshadows with 0.08 ounces / 2.4 grams of product each and retails for $49. 

This palette can be purchased through the links below -

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Getting Ready And Started With Glossier!

I'm a recent Glossier Rep, but I'm a longtime Glossier user. Years and years ago, Glossier gave away free Balm Dotcoms and so I decided to take a chance to get one as a intro to the brand. It wasn't until the Boy Brow was released that I truly fell in love with the brand. While there are some hits and misses, a lot of their products have become everyday staples for me.

As you could see from my posts on my blog and Instagram, I'm a huge fan of editorial or very done up looks. I love to play with makeup, but I'm also a huge fan of easy and quick makeup and that's where Glossier comes in!

As a warning - this post is very picture heavy.

If you're interested in Glossier and would like to support me, please use my rep link here! By using my link, you can get 20% off your first purchase and free shipping with every order with 2 or more products. With every order using my rep link, I get a small commission. 
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A Touch Of Shine And Color With My Favorite Glosses

I feel like I'm a changed person now. I used to never wear glossy lip products and now I usually carry 2-3 in my bag depending on my outfit. I started with one Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector and while it may not seem like a lot, it's pretty much doubled in size in a month and a half. 

This is a very beginner gloss product post though since I'm still not into glassy high shine lip products. While I do love a high shine look on other people, it's not for me. I also don't like sticky products on my lips and high shine glosses usually feel too thick to me too.

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You Dew You! ft. Glossy Highlighters

I feel like almost a year or two ago, I switched from mainly using powder highlighters to reaching for more cream and liquid formulas. I feel like they're more versatile since they can be mixed into other products like foundations or primers/moisturizers to create more of a natural glow. While there are liquid and cream formulas that can be blinding, I wanted to touch on some subtle but glossy or balmy formulas that I love. As sort of a warning, all of these products can be slightly tacky on the skin. It's kind of the feeling of very thin Vaseline. Honestly, you could even mix in a tiny bit of pigment into Vaseline to get the same effect. 

By glossy, I don't mean a very reflective wet look, I want an actual balmy dewy finish. Do you know when you just put on a clear lip balm on and there's a slight gloss on your lips? I want that. I saw a comment on YouTube saying that a glossy highlighter could be thought of as a product that doesn't have a strong base pigment and so it looks wet instead of stripey because the base shade doesn't work for your skin tone. 

If you're looking for a video version of this topic but also with powder highlighters, Mariah Leonard on Youtube has a great video about it here!
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A Step Into Fall ft. Burnt Orange Lipsticks

I'm back! Took a break from blogging and now I'm back to talk about a recent color love.

A while back, I complained in pretty much every blog post that my lips were acting up. I think I was able to narrow it down to the Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks but I'm not 100% sure. Ever since I've stopped using those, my odd lip reaction stopped. I'm actually kind of sad about it because they were pretty good and they introduced me to one of my favorite shades - Pumpkin. It's not available on their website anymore, but imagine a dark pumpkin shade with some brown in it. I still sometimes wear the lip liner since I'm not allergic to that though and so it's not a total loss! Even so, this whole thing sparked my love and hunt for the perfect dark pumpkin orangey brown shade and I've found quite a few favorites.

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